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This space is for tools and utilities offered by Raja Venkatesh.

LInQ to Entities Debug Visualizer
RV's Linq to Entity query visualizer is Visual Studio addin.� This helps visualize details of debugged LInQ query with
1. Lambda expression.L2E Logo
2. Native SQL.
3. Edit query parameters
4. Connection properties.
5. Query execution log.
6. Option to export query result to MS Excel file.
Datatool V2.5.0.0
Datatool is a simple SQL query tool using which you may write SQL targetting any of your data source.� It is similar to any other standard query tool.� Features include
1. Click once application settings for easy setupDatatool Logo and easy version upgrades.
2. .NET 4 targetted.
3. Wizard based connection string building.
4. Option to save connections.
5. Export query results to Excel.

LInQ to Entities Debug Visualizer
Download RV's Linq to Entity Visualizer [VS2008/2010/2012]
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Download datatool
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Any DB Connection Visualizer
Download Connection Visualizer
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