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By downloading the tools below you accept to use ClickOnce applications developed by Raja Venkatesh.

That means, although you are free to use, you require to accept online updates if available.

In case your computer does not have internet access beyond accepted period, the application may stop working.  Please do not forget to give your feedback.

DatatoolLInQ Visualizer-VS2008LInQ Visualizer-VS2010LInQ Visualizer-VS2012 Any DB Connection Visualizer
Download Release Version Description
26-Oct-2010 1. Support for generic LInQ added.
2. Generate EDMX for your database (Any database) added.
3. Native query parameters stabilized.
4. Properties for results/connection added.
5. Verify button brings only connectable data providers. User could select appropriate provider to connect which ever has better performance.
  29-Jun-2010 1. Background prefetch error while loading Views for non SQL servers resolved.
2. Error while mulitiple SQL seperated with ";" (semicolon) resolved.
3. Added option to view multiple result tables via tables in combo box.
4. Added option to show number or rows, columns.
26-Jun-2010 2.1 1. No COM dependency in creating connection strings.
2. Option to save connection string for reuse.
3. F5 key support to execute selected SQL.
4. Intellisense for table and view names.
5. Option to export result data as Excel.  You may save result XML as XLSX after opening in MS Excel directly.
6. Support query parameter editing.
7. Added LInQ generation option but incomplete.
8. Double click on each cell of result data to view details where you could (1) Copy a cell value and (2) View cell value using different windows UI controls.
03-Sep-2009 1.2 1.  GetProviders()  ==> Lists all providers in your local PC
Note: My ISP has to support frontpage extensions only after which Application Identity error (while clicking Help) can be addressed.
08-May-2009 1.1 1.  Permission issues solved.
2.  Query processing time issue solved.
3.  Logging / Trace feature added.
03-May-2009 1.0 Data Tool - To query data from any datasource
//~Connect to any database/datasource as far as you have connection string~//
Sample usage:
1. getschema()
2. getschema("Tables"), getschema("Views")
3. select * from mytable
4. call mystoredprocedure("param1", "param2")

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